Table Top Scales-ATC Series

Table Top Scales-ATC Series
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  • High Resolution With Fast Response Time.
  • Strong, Asethetic look & Finishing.
  • Rechargeable Battery Backup.
  • Auto Zero Tracking Facility
  • Piece Counting Facility>
  • Nett/ Gross Facility.
  • Overload Indication.
  • High Bright LED Display.
  • Long Life Dome Keys.
  • Economical & Affortable Price.
Model Cap. ACC. Pan(mm) Class
ATC-5 W-Rear 5kg 0.5g 175*225 III
ATC-10 W-Rear 10kg 1g 175*225 III
ATC-20 W-Rear 20kg 2g 175*225 III
ATC-30 W-Rear 30kg 5g 175*225 III
ATC-30-ABS 30kg 5g 240*300 III
ATC-300-Metal 30Kg 5g 250*300 III
ATC-15/30-ABS 15/30kg 2/5g 240*300 III
ATC-15/30-ABS 15/30kg 2/5g 240*300 III
ATC-15/30-Metal 15/30kg 2/5g 250*300 III

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