Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of supply:

We, Accurate Electronics stand firmly committed to providing quality products and services that continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your order, feel free to contact us through email or phone suiting your convenience.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions set forth below that pertain to any order submitted to Accurate Electronics.

1) Acknowledgement:

Our acceptance is EXPRESSLY CONDITIONED UPON your agreement to the terms and conditions stated on the acknowledgement or order. If any such terms and conditions are in conflict or not identical to your order, the terms of this acknowledgement shall govern. Buyer agrees having full knowledge of these terms and accepts same as part of the Agreement between Buyer and ACCURATE ELECTRONICS which shall be binding if either the goods ordered are delivered to and accepted by Buyer and/or Buyer fails to notify ACCURATE ELECTRONICS immediately of his written objections to such items. NO ORAL agreement or other understanding shall in any way modify or change this order or the terms and conditions thereof unless agreed to in writing.

2) Payment Terms:

The payment should be made in advance along with the order through direct bank deposits, bank transfer, Cheque or Demand Draft. ACCURATE ELECTRONICS reserves the right of declining to make deliveries except for advance payments.

3) Order Additions:

ACCURATE ELECTRONICS will treat any addition to orders already processed as a new order.

4) Cancellation Charges:

All requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing to ACCURATE ELECTRONICS within 24 hours. However, since standard product orders are executed generally within 1 to 48 hours of receipt, cancellations cannot be honored once the product has shipped.

5) Pricing:

All published prices and discounts are subject to change without notice. All written quotations remain in effect for 30 days up to the quantities quoted. Blanket order quotations remain in effective for all succeeding shipments until the order is complete, or until the parties agree in writing. ACCURATE ELECTRONICS reserves the right to revise pricing on any unshipped portions of delivery that is delayed due to any actions of the Buyer.

All pricing reflects INR Rs. unless otherwise indicated. Wire transfers must equal the INR Rupee amount of the invoice after currency conversion. No credits or discounts may be taken without prior authorization from the Financial Department at ACCURATE ELECTRONICS. Wire transfer fees and bank fees associated with international or domestic transactions are the responsibility of the buyer.

6) Shipping Outside of the India:

This policy is not a statement of import/export laws as governed by the customs agency of each country. This is an advisement to our international customers of what they may be responsible for regarding the import of our products. The customs agency outside of the India may require the buyer to have their own customs broker to clear shipments. Once buyers’ agent has cleared the shipment, our agent will be permitted to complete the delivery.

ACCURATE ELECTRONICS does not allow for the prepayment of customs fees, duties, V.A.T.S. or brokers charges. These fees would be the responsibility of the buyer.

7) Warranty:

ACCURATE ELECTRONICS warrants all products shipped from Coimbatore, India against defects in MATERIAL and WORKMANSHIP for a period of ONE (1) year. Normal wear and tear, injury by natural forces, user neglect and purposeful destruction are NOT covered by this warranty. Technical Service MUST be performed by ACCURATE ELECTRONICS staff or factory authorized personnel. ACCURATE ELECTRONICS obligation is limited to replacement of parts that have been so returned and are disclosed to ACCURATE ELECTRONICS satisfaction to be defective. The provisions of these warranty clauses are lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and of all obligations or liability in connection with sale of said articles. ACCURATE ELECTRONICS makes no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. By accepting the goods, the buyer acknowledges that the buyer has determined that the goods are suitable for the buyer’s purposes. In no event shall ACCURATE ELECTRONICS be liable for any sub sequential or special damages. Any misuse, improper installation or tampering shall VOID this warranty.

Product that is malfunctioning within the 1-year warranty period may be returned to ACCURATE ELECTRONICS for Warranty Evaluation at the customers’ expense. ACCURATE ELECTRONICS reserves the right to repair OR replace the components free of charge as may qualify under this warranty.

REMINDER!! WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER USER DAMAGE AND ABUSE. In addition to a listing of the repairs covered under warranty, if any, the customer will be billed accordingly for all parts and labor associated with any NON-WARRANTY repairs made to the product.

8) Returns:

ACCURATE ELECTRONICS is always prepared to rectify any mistakes we make with minimum cost to our customers. Standard product may be returned for a full product refund within 30 days of purchase when it is unopened, in its’ original packaging. A Return to Stock Authorization (RTS) must be obtained from our Customer Service Department prior to shipment. Freight charged on invoices is nonrefundable. ACCURATE ELECTRONICS will not accept return of product freight COD.

Standard product may be returned after 30 days from date of purchase, subject to a 15% restocking fee. The product must be returned in full working condition, without soiling, damage or abuse. A Return to Stock Authorization (RTS) must be obtained from our Customer Service Department prior to shipment. Freight charged on invoices is nonrefundable. SMART will not accept return of product freight COD.

Should the wrong product be delivered in error, contact the Customer Service Department to arrange for replacement. Once SMART confirms that the item shipped did not match the original purchase order, ACCURATE ELECTRONICS will arrange for pickup of the item by the freight carrier of our choice. ACCURATE ELECTRONICS will credit the customer for the incorrect shipment and replace it with the correct product as soon as possible. The customer will receive a new invoice associated with the correct shipment.

Refunds will NOT be given for product returned to the factory with excessive damage and abuse. Our Technical Service Department will contact the customer by fax acknowledging the problem and give them option to receive the item back in as is condition, or to have it repaired at their expense. Customers must provide written authorization for the repair within 48 hours of this contact, or the item will be returned to them as is and billed for the associated freight charges. Authorized repairs will be billed to the customer accordingly for all parts and labor.

9) Damaged Goods:

All sales of goods are made F.O.B. Coimbatore, India. We do not hold ourselves responsible for any loss or damage sustained in transit, and claims should be made promptly against carrier. If we are notified of such claims, we will gladly lend our assistance to secure adjustment. We employ experienced packers and cannot be held responsible for breakage that occurs after we have obtained a good order receipt from transportation companies.

10) Entirety of Agreement:

This document, together with any other documents furnished by ACCURATE ELECTRONICS sets forth the entirety of agreement between the parties and may not be changed in any way except by written agreement.

11) Applicable Law:

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the Indian jurisdiction subject to arbitration in Coimbatore.