Platform Scales- APC Series

Platform Scales- APC Series
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  • Heavy Duty Scientifically Designed Structure.
  • Aesthetic Design ABS indicator.
  • Power Coated MS Construction.
  • Dummy Zero/ Auto Zero Tracking Setting
  • Hold/Check Weighing/Piece Counting Function
  • Long Battery Backup

Chicken/Field Scale

Pan Size : 400*400, 450*450 & 500*500
Capacity : 300g
Pan Type : SS/MS

Dual Accuracy available


  • RS 232c Interface
  • Extra Display

Customized Platformsize & Capacities
Can be made as per requirement.

Due to continue improvement the specifications are subject to change

Model Cap. Acc. Pan(mm) Class
APC-50C 50Kg 5g 270*270 III
APC-100C 100Kg 10g 300*300 III
APC-100C 100Kg 10g 320*320 III
APC-300C 300Kg 50g 400*400 III
APC-300C 300Kg 50g 500*500 III
APC-100-K12 100Kg 10g 400*400 III
APC-200-K12 200Kg 20g 500*500 III
APC-300-K12 300Kg 50g 500*500 III
APC-200-K12 200Kg 20g 600*600 III
APC-300-K12 300Kg 50g 600*600-MS III
APC-500-K12 500Kg 50g 600*600-MS III
APC-600-K12 600Kg 100g 750*750-MS III
APC-1000-K12 1Ton 100g 750*750-MS-4LC III
APC-600-K12 600Kg 100g 900*900-MS-4LC III
APC-1000-K12 1Ton 100g 900*900-MS-4LC III
APC-1000-K12 1Ton 100g 1000*1000-MS-4LC III
APC-2000-K12 2Ton 200g 1200*1200-MS-4LC III
APC-5000-K12 5Ton 500g 1500*1500-MS-4LC III

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