Hanging Scales - IHB Series

Hanging Scales - IHB Series
Ishtaa Scales
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Hanging Scales - IHB Series

Model Cap. Acc. Class
IHB-50 50 Kg 10g III
IHB-100 100 Kg 20g III
IHB-200 200 Kg 50g III
IHB-500C 500 Kg 200g III
IHB-1000 C 1ton 500g III
IHB-2000 C 2 ton 1 Kg III
IHB-3000 3 ton 1 Kg III
IHB-5000 C 5 ton 2 Kg III


  • Aesthetic Stylish user friendly design
  • Load Cell with high accuracy
  • Upto 99 memory
  • High bright LED Display
  • Auti zero tracking
  • Memory accumulation
  • Sleep Mode / In-built long battery life
  • Heavy duty Keys


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