Precision Scales - ITA - G Series

Precision Scales - ITA - G Series
Ishtaa Scales
Product Code: Precision Scales ITA-G-Series
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  • Aesthetic & Sleek design to meet userspace limitations
  • Multiple weighing modes
  • Counting function
  • High bright display
  • AC and built in rechargeable battery
  • Auto sleep mode for long battery backup time of 30 hrs
  • Overload alarm and indication
  • Rear display for easy customer viewing

Options : Extra Display / Wind Shield


Laboratories | GSM Calculation | Gem & Jewellery | Parts Counting


Model Cap. Acc. Pan(mm) Class
ITA-310-G 300g 0.01g 120 II
ITA-610-G 600g 0.01g 120 II
ITA-1001-G 1000g 0.1g 120 II

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