Top-loading Balances- UW/UX Series

Top-loading Balances- UW/UX Series
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The new line of Shimadzu top-loading balances are engineered with the innovative UniBloc mechanism which brings superior impact resistance unrivaled quick response, excellent stability and durability at the same time. Powerful features support any imaginable weighing application. UW Series comes with motor-diven built-in calibration weight and fully-automatic calibration functions.

Automatic span calibration

Choice of fully-automatic calibrations: PSC and Clock -CAL

Operator can choose from two types of fully-automatic span calibration methods. "PSC" is initiated based on temperature change detection, and "Clock-CAL" operates at user pre-set times (up to three times a day).

Fully-automatic calibration Clock-CAL

The balance automatically performs calibration at selected times, up to three times a day (e.g. before starting work, during lunch-break or after work).

Fully-automatic calibration PSC

The balance detects variations in the ambient temperature that influence accuracy and automatically performs calibration to compensate it.

Data management

GLP/GMP/ISO calibration report

Calibration report can be automatically printed with the optional electronic printer. Date, time, serial number and ID are also output to meet GLP/GMP/ISO requirements.

WindowsDirect function

The balance communicates directly to a PC with Windows® applications. No additional software is needed to interface with spreadsheets, databases, word processing, and laboratory software. WindowsDirect works with Windows® 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0, ME and XP. PC must be IBM PC/AT compatible.

Application support

Unit conversion

Weight value is presented in 22 units and modes, including percentage, carat, specific gravity, lb, oz, and so on. Users can choose any combination of units depending on their needs.

Piece counting function

Piece counting function is installed as standard.

Weigh below hook

Analog display modes

  • Full range

    Bar graph clearly indicates the total weight (including the tare) as a portion of the balance capacity.

  • Fill-in

    Select a target weight and tolerance. The display clearly indicates when they are reached.

  • Checkweighing

    Set an upper and lower limit. The display continually indicates whether the sample is within the range "GO", over range "HI" or under range "LO". Choose one of the two bar graph display modes.

LCD with backlight

LCD with backlight can be read with ease and comfort in any location without brightness adjustment.


UW (with built-in calibration weights)

Model Capacity Minimum Display Repeatability Linearity Response time Pan Size (mm)
UW220H 220g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.002g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UW420H 420g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.002g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UW620H 620g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.002g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UW820H 820g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.003g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UW1020H 1020g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.003g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UW2200H 2200g 0.01g ≤0.01g ±0.02g 1.5-2.5s 170*180
UW4200H 4200g 0.01g ≤0.01g ±0.02g 1.5-2.5s 170*180
UW6200H 6200g 0.01g ≤0.01g ±0.02g 1.5-2.5s 170*180
UW420S 420g 0.01g ≤0.008g ±0.01g 0.7-1.2s 108*105
UW820S 820g 0.01g ≤0.008g ±0.01g 0.7-1.2s 108*105
UW4200S 4200g 0.1g ≤0.08g ±0.1g 0.7-1.2s 170*180
UW8200S 8200g 0.1g ≤0.08g ±0.1g 0.7-1.2s 108*105

UX (Standard model)

Model Capacity Minimum Display Repeatability Linearity Response time Pan Size (mm)
UX220H 220g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.002g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UX420H 420g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.002g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UX620H 620g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.002g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UX820H 820g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.003g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UX1020H 1020g 0.001g ≤0.001g ±0.003g 1.5-2.5s 108*105
UX2200H 2200g 0.01g ≤0.01g ±0.02g 1.5-2.5s 170*180
UX4200H 4200g 0.01g ≤0.01g ±0.02g 1.5-2.5s 170*180
UX6200H 6200g 0.01g ≤0.01g ±0.02g 1.5-2.5s 170*180
UX420S 420g 0.01g ≤0.008g ±0.01g 0.7-1.2s 108*105
UX820S 820g 0.01g ≤0.008g ±0.01g 0.7-1.2s 108*105
UX4200S 4200g 0.1g ≤0.08g ±0.1g 0.7-1.2s 170*180
UX8200S 8200g 0.1g ≤0.08g ±0.1g 0.7-1.2s 108*105

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